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Walt Flanagan



Walter Flanagan (born October 23, 1967) is an American actor, comic book artist and comic book store proprietor. Flanagan is a long-time friend of Kevin Smith, and (according to Smith's book Silent Bob Speaks) it was Flanagan who first turned Smith onto comic books.
He has provided the art for two comic books published by IDW and written by Bryan Johnson, as well as one for DC Comics:
Walt Flanagan has also been the subject of a few inside jokes in the Askewniverse movies. In Clerks and Mallrats, respectively, both Randal and Brodie tell bizarre stories of their cousin Walter. Seeing as Randal and Brodie are supposed to be cousins themselves according to Smith, one would only assume that they are speaking of the same cousin Walter.
Also, in Mallrats, Jay makes the comment "that guy's faster than Walt Flanagan's dog." This comment is expanded upon in the comic book prequel to Mallrats starring Jay and Silent Bob, where they get Walt's dog high. When provoked, Krypto (the dog) hops the fence, and chases the stoner duo across Leonardo township (passing the YMCA where Julie Dwyer has just met her untimely demise).
According to the Mallrats commentary, Smith cites Flanagan as being the