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Sonic Underground: Secrets Of The Chaos Emerald

Sonic Underground: Secrets Of The Chaos Emerald
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July 22,2008

Friend or Foe:The Hedgehogs converge on the Floating Island in their latest attempt to find their Mother. Sleet and Dingo also have an interest in this island that involves the Chaos Emerald which is the island's life-force. But before either party can achieve their goals they have to get through Knuckles the floating islands stern guardian.Flying Fortress:What is supposed to be a vacation for Sonic Manic and Sonia turns into a battle to save Mobius when Robotnik attacks with his newest weapon-the Flying Fortress. Sonic investigates the ship thinking the weapon can be destroyed by removing its reactor however his efforts fail and he goes to Knuckles for help because he believes the weapon is powered by the strength Chaos Emerald.No Hedgehog is an Island:Sleet and Dingo escape the Flying Fortress with the Chaos Emerald. In a fight over who will control the Emerald's power Sleet and Dingo drop and break the Emerald in two. Instantly a rash of earthquakes and other natural disasters are sparked by the emerald's energy.New Echinda in Town:Knuckles reluctantly makes a deal with Robotnik to turn over Sonic and his family in exchange for finding the Chaos Emerald that will save Mobius. Knuckles soon regrets that he ever trusted the evil dictator after Robotnik begins to follow through on his plans to robotisize the Hedgehogs.

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