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Rappin' Granny


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Vivian L. Smallwood (born June 18, 1933), known by her stage name Rappin' Granny, is a grandmother who performs hip-hop music. She lives in Castaic, California, near Los Angeles.
Smallwood was a contestant on the NBC television series America's Got Talent who qualified August 16, 2006 season finale for the one-million-dollar grand prize.
In 1989 she released a little-known, self-titled music video called "Rock-n-Soul". The video can be seen here.
Smallwood has been a working Hollywood actress since the mid '90s. She has appeared in numerous television shows with small parts and a few feature films. Some of her credits include, Everybody Hates Chris, Malcolm in the Middle, The Shield, and The Ladykillers. In Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996) she is even credited as Vivian 'Rappin Granny' Smallwood. She also played "Nano" in Big Bad Beetleborgs, a show on the former Fox Kids network.
According to an interview that aired on America's Got Talent, Smallwood began rapping at the insistence of her son, who noticed her dancing across the room while hip-hop music was playing in the background. After a number of private performances in front of