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Nathalia Ramos



Nathalia Ramos (born July 7, 1992) is a Spanish actress. She is most known for playing Yasmin in the 2007 live-action film Bratz: The Movie.
Ramos was born in Madrid to a Spanish Pop star father and a Jewish mother who is of Australian descent.
In 2007, Ramos appeared in the theatrical Bratz motion picture, playing the leading role of Yasmin, a character who is portrayed as being of Mexican and Jewish heritage. She also made a brief appearance in the music video for Prima J's single "Rockstar" which was a tie-in with the Bratz film and was featured on the film's Official Soundtrack. Ramos has also been featured in an episode of the Nickelodeon series True Jackson, VP, portraying a young, unpredictable teenage celebrity, and has been cast in supporting roles in both Nickelodeon's film Spectacular!, as well as 31 North 62 East, an Independent psychological thriller film directed by British director and former pilot Tristan Loraine. Ramos also provided her voice for the Bratz 4 Real video game. She is now working on another film based on one of Tristan Loraine's books called Shadows from the Sky.