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The Matador


The Matador
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October 31,2008

Official selection at both the South by Southwest (2008) festival as well as a feature at this year's DocuWeek, Directors Stephen Higgins and Nina Seavey take you on a world wide epic journey exploring one of Spain's richest and most controversial of traditions- the art of bullfighting. This heroic tale chronicles David Fandila's quest to become the world's top-ranked bullfighter. Heart-wrenching setbacks and thrilling successes dramatize 'El Fandi's' three-year journey across Spain and Latin America and into the pages of bullfighting history. With a haunting score and rich cinematography this film depicts more than one man's quest for greatness, "Matador" is a story of love -- of a son for his family, of audiences for their heroes, of a people for their cultural traditions, and of the bullfighter's paradoxical love for the majestic beast that he must kill to create his art. As David struggles to achieve his place in the pantheon of Spain's greatest bullfighters, he is confronted by those who question the place of this ancient and brutal ritual in the modern world.

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