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Luis Da Silva Jr.



Luis Fernando "Trikz" Da Silva, Jr. (born August 3, 1982) is an American basketball player and actor. Luis, who has been referred to as "The World's Best Ball Handler" gained notoriety after headlining the 2001 Nike Freestyle ad campaign and been the face of Steve & Barry's Starbury clothing line tour.
Da Silva was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In a 2001 episode of This American Life, Luis' rise to fame was detailed extensively in an extended interview. During this interview, Luis explained that he was the first street ball athlete ever to be signed to an advertising contract by Nike. Luis' signing with Nike preceded other future street ball players and had an immediate and lasting impact on the sport of basketball as well as sports advertising. Trikz performed with Alicia Keys, in 2001 in New York City’s Niketown while promoting the well known Nike campaign. He was subsequently mentioned in Scoop Jackson’s main division , titled ‘Sole Provider’, which recognized the best of Nike’s 35 year chronicle. In 2003, Luis was also the youngest player signed to the Harlem Wizards Show basketball team.
After such great exposure through his endorsements, Midway Games offered Luis a lead in