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Legends Of Flight (3D Blu-ray)

Legends Of Flight (3D Blu-ray)
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June 7,2011

Few industrial efforts capture the imaginations of both the public and the business world. But the efforts to produce a truly new—and radical—aircraft design comes along only once or twice in a generation, and seamlessly draws both of these elements together. On June 7, Image Entertainment releases Legends of Flight, a film originally created and shown in IMAX® Theaters, on 3-D Blu-ray and on DVD. Legends depicts and contrasts the accelerated aircraft developments of the past few years with the rich history of the past century.

The massive Airbus A380, climbing skyward at the Paris Air Show, the carbon fiber 787 Dreamliner seen from inception to first flight, and several other notable and historically important aircraft make this Stephen Low-directed documentary a must have for both aircraft aficionados and the casual traveler seeking a glimpse of the near future.

Seen through the eyes of a test pilot rated in more than 100 aircraft, this look inside an ever changing, and always challenging industry delivers a blend of anticipation and excitement for viewers. They will see how a new aircraft comes to life, and they will understand why the process is so demanding, yet ultimately rewarding.

Legends of Flight isn’t a depiction of technology merely for the sake of engineering. Rather, it is a rare peek into the future of aviation, and the men, women, and concepts that pave the way for airborne progress.

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