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Dave Fleischer



David Fleischer (July 14, 1894 – June 25, 1979) was a Jewish-American animator film director, and film producer, best known as a co-owner of Fleischer Studios with his older brother Max Fleischer as well as uncle to director Richard Fleischer. He was a native of New York City.
Sometime around 1913-1914, Dave began working as a film-cutter for the American branch of Pathé, the France based company that during the first part of the 20th Century, was the world's largest film production and distribution company, as well as the largest manufacturer of film equipment.
Dave Fleischer was notable during the brothers' early days as the rotoscope model for their first character, Koko the Clown. He went on to become director and later producer of the studio's output. Although he is credited as "director" of every film released by the Fleischer studio from 1921 to 1942, the lead animators actually performed directorial duties, and Fleischer served as a producer, as he was the one who supervised the studio's production. Among the cartoon series Fleischer supervised during this period were Talkartoons, Betty Boop Cartoons, Popeye the Sailor, Color Classics and several others; Popeye would go on