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Daryl Karolat


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Daryl Karolat (born December 8, 1966) is a Canadian actor and former professional wrestler, better known by the stage name Tyler Mane. He is also known for playing Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's remake Halloween and will also appear in Halloween II.
Mane began his wrestling career with the WCW in 1989 as "Nitro," the bodyguard for Woman. This gimmick did not last long, and he soon went to Puerto Rico's World Wrestling Council. He also wrestled for All Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling before returning to the United States to wrestle briefly in the Global Wrestling Federation. Mane then returned to WCW in 1993 as Big Sky. While there, he teamed with another staggering individual, Kevin Nash, then known as Vinnie Vegas. Mane retired from wrestling in 1996.
After retiring from wrestling, he appeared in numerous films, including How to Make a Monster (as Hardcore), Joe Dirt, The Scorpion King, Troy (as Ajax), Hercules (as Antaeus), X-Men as Sabretooth, and The Devil's Rejects (in the uncredited role of Rufus). The role of Sabretooth was initially intended for Mane's former wrestling tag team parter, Kevin Nash, but was awarded to Mane due to Nash's scheduling conflicts.