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Brian Andrews



Brian Andrews is the Director of RCN News in English, available online, on TV Colombia, inflight on Avianca, and on Colmundo Radio's network of stations in Colombia. Before joining RCN in July of 2008, Brian worked as a consultant for Caracol Television and as a freelance Correspondent in Colombia for CBS News, The Miami Herald, and Al-Jazeera TV.
For more than a decade, Brian was one of the most popular news anchors and reporters on South Florida television. Whether it was breaking news, politics, a huge international story, or a major storm, viewers of WSVN7 and CBS4 expected to see Brian on the story. During his many years on Miami Television, he reported from Cuba, Colombia, the Bahamas, Haiti, Italy, Israel, Jamaica, Peru, Thailand, Sri Lanka and throughout the Caribbean.
Reporting the news has been Brian's passion since he was a child. He had his own radio show at the age of 13. At 18, while attending Georgia State University in Atlanta, he joined the staff of the CNN Radio Network. After several years of working almost every job in the radio division, he made the transition to the TV side of CNN, at 21, becoming an anchor of the Emmy-nominated "CNN Newsroom" program. After