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Avatar (Blu-ray 3D)

Avatar (Blu-ray 3D)
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October 16,2012

Finally! Now everyone (everyone with a 3D TV and compatible blu-ray player) can watch James Cameron's Avatar the way it was meant to be seen -in 3D! Previously only available to consumers through an exclusive deal with Panasonic, the two-disc AVATAR 3D Blu-ray Collector’s Edition will feature the original theatrical release and be available in all-new collectible packaging. Seen by more than 310 million people worldwide, the Oscar and Golden Globe winning epic is the highest grossing film of all time, taking in more than $2.7 billion in worldwide box office. It is also top-selling Blu-ray disc of all time.

The 3D version of Avatar is nothing short of stunning. Every frame comes to life, there are no moments where things feel flat or forced and the depth of the picture completely immerses the viewer in the world of Pandora - it feels real! The beauty of director Cameron's vision is that he never uses the 3D in a gimmicky way - it is only there to enhance the viewers overall experience and make the movies world and it's inhabitants feel real - and feel real they do.

In terms of quality 3D home video experiences, Avatar is at the top of the class.

The only drawback to this release is the complete lack of special features and the non-inclusion of the extended edition (which would be awesome to see in 3D) leads us to believe that another, perhaps "definitive" release is probably around the corner (or at least planned for when the sequels hit theaters). However, for fans of the film, or for those who never got to see it 3D (and now have the means to at home) this release is a must own!

A home entertainment experience like no other, for the first time ever, fans will be able to welcome James Cameron’s global box office sensation into their homes in stunning 3D high-definition.

Director James Cameron takes audiences to a spectacular world beyond imagination, where a reluctant hero embarks on a journey of redemption and discovery as he leads a heroic battle to save a civilization. AVATAR delivers a fully immersive cinematic experience of a new kind, where the revolutionary technology invented to make the film disappears into the emotion of the characters and the epic nature of the story.

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