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Aim High: The Complete First Season

Aim High: The Complete First Season
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November 6,2012

The episodes - less than 10 minutes each. The acting - less than stellar. The show - mildly diverting. Taking the exceptionally cliched approach of the misfit teen who is actually something cool he can't tell anyone about, Aim High doesn't. Produced for the web (where it should have stayed) and probably for a reason Aim High feels like the kind of video you watch for a few minutes on youtube and go, "Huh? These guys seem to know what they are doing - why don't they apply it to something original). I'd say if you just have to see a male Hannah Montana, seek Aim High out on the web.

The first-ever original social series that lit up Facebook and Cambio will be available when Warner Home Video releases Aim High: The Complete First Season on DVD November 6, 2012. Executive produced by producer/director McG, Aim High stars Twilight's Jackson Rathbone as Nick Green, a sixteen year-old undercover CIA agent who fights terrorists in-between homework and dates with his crush Amanda (played by Aimee Teegarden from Friday Night Lights), the most popular girl in high school. The DVD will include all six webisodes from the first season, and special bonus features including a music video from Aimee Teegarden and two must-see featurettes.

In this action web series, secret agent Nick Green lives the ultimate double life --by day he is an average high school kid and by night he's an operative for the US government. Keeping the two worlds from colliding is a full-time job. After accidentally letting a Russian mercenary escape, Nick's everyday teenage struggles become even more complicated now that he's also a revenge target.
Aim High was originally released on Facebook and Cambio on October 18, 2011 (USA Only). This original live-action social series was produced by Warner Premiere and Dolphin Entertainment and distributed by Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.

Speacial Features


• Meet Nick Green (Featurette): Learn more about the lead character Nick Green with input from the director, actors and writers of Aim High.
• All Better Now (Music Video): Amanda’s (Aimee Teegarden) music video for her song “All Better Now”.
• Video Yearbook (Featurette): A glimpse at Fairview High’s video yearbook where you can get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the students featured in Aim High.

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